Whale Submarine Adventure

As one indulges in languid strolls on the coast, amidst the surroundings of the tenderly swaying palm trees and the gentle waves lapping on the golden shore, a fleeting glance at the waters and it becomes clear that there is more beyond the epic scenery of Maldives whale watching.

A famed destination for rare aquatic animals, Maldives belongs in the top five destinations in the world for whale watching. The wild imagination that one has of a great whale, surging through the water, its powerful body rising out of obscurity is a sight that can be easily seen in Maldives in its great adventures of whale submarines.

Travellers will find the excursion to be truly mind-blowing, as they delve into the underwater beauty of Maldives will be a sight of vivacious coral gardens and shoals of fascinating fish. Ideal for nature lovers, the outstanding attraction of whale watching will allow tourists to dive deep below 120ft in a passenger submarine whilst lounging in its state-of-the-art comforts.

Abundant with sea dwellers, the submarine sets off on a journey, welcoming you with sights of Common Lion Fish, Snappers and Yellow Box Fish. Allowing guests to see more of the creatures that inhabit the seas, it plunges across the waters to reveal a large cave where Napoleons and White Tip Reef Sharks take shelter inside its rocky sanctuary.

For those adventure enthusiasts, seeking to watch the exotic marine life of Maldives in its most natural settings, keep your camera ready as you will never miss an encounter of a fearless shark lurking in the waters.

  • Regular Price : USD 170 per person net