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Housereef Meedhupparu

Housereef Meedhupparu and a few Dive spots around

Meedhupparu house Reef is a good spot for beginners ( course and discovery scuba), in fact the reef is sloping down for a max. Depth of 30 meters.

Many table corals and hard corals formation. Inside of the lagoon very often you can find black tip- and lemon baby sharks swimming around in the protected shallow areas.
The house reef at the south side near the diving school is ok for diving, and nice for snorkeling, however, nothing in comparison to the surrounding reefs for diving.
The Nagili Thila right infront the southern house reef has a very nice reef and a very nice diving oppotunity to try our new underwater scooters made by Bonex in Germany.
At the north side close to the water bungalows the coral growth is better and from here you can plan also nice night dives. Because of the changing currents, please always get in contact with the Diving Centre.

Current: low – strong
Depth: 2 – 30 m
Difficulty: simple, medium,

The Dive Spots around Meedhupparu

The Raa Atoll is one of the last resort Atolls in the north of the Maldives beside the Lhavyiani atoll. So the Divespots are accordingly untouched. Allow us to inspire you from this untouched underwater world and enjoy meeting with turtles, Napoleons, Sharks & Co. We have nearly the whole year Mantas in the Raa atoll.

Medium-sized Tilla which has disintegrated before centuries and thereby forms, in the meantime, wonderful canyons and tunnels in the reef. The Tilla distinguishes itself by his huge schools of fishes and coral growth (Soft- and hard corals). A constantly present, big number of bat fishes accompanies every dive at this reef.
Grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, big sting rays and big Napoleons shows you the underwater world of the Maldives from the best side which is to be admired with this Top-Divespot incomparably nicely. Triger fishes, Füsiliere, glass fishes, groupers, eagle rays, Murays and imperator fishes rounds up the general view of this prominent diving spot.

Current: low – strong
Depth: 12 – 35 m
Difficulty: medium – hard

The Wall (Vandhoo Kanuoli)
Very nice reef with a very beautiful coral growth, Edge of the reef starts on about 10 m, afterwards a drop off with caves from 10 m to 60 m and more. At this impressive reef wall covered with yellow and pink soft corals (later once are found are a specific feature of this reef, beside the also otherwise impressing scenery) as well as big Fan corals.
The big fish wealth distinguishes itself by big Napoleons, eagle rays, turtles on the reef top and at the edge, up to 2 m gigantic tunas, schools of pennon fishes, Snappers. In the summer this is one of the Manta-Points where you can spend long time with these impressive animals.

Current: low – medium
Depth: 5 – 60 m
Difficulty: simply – medium – hard

Kottefaru Kammati
Very nice reef with strong coral growth, the edge starts about 7 m, afterwards drop off with surpluses at the area of 20 to 50 m and more.
The wall is covered with yellow soft corals and Gorgonias. We meet at
this diving spot quite often big Napoleons, eagle rays, turtles, big tunas.
Schools of Snappers, banner fishes, big groupers and much more. During the summer this is one of the Manta-Points where we can see them very often at the cleaning stations on the top reef.

Current: low – medium
Depth: 3 – 50 m
Difficulty: Simply – medium – hard

Fenfushi Thila
Smaller Thila with top at 3 m and sloping to 45 m and more. Nice overhangs beginning on 14 m to 28 m. Big tunas, red teeth drigger, sweet lips, blue stripe-snappers, Napoleons, turtles, groupers, makreles. Often big schools of glass fishes. On the top anemones, mask banner fishs and bearded scorpion fishes.

Current: low
Depth: 5 – 45 m
Difficulty step: simply – medium

Kukuludhoo Faru
Long reef with big and small overhangs which are strongly covered with soft corals. The reef top itself shows an enormously strong hard coral growth. The strong fish wealth distinguishes itself by large amounts of Nudibranches, groupers, glass fishes, eagle rays, Moray eels, turtles, Napoleons and lion fishes.

Current: low – medium
Depth: 5 – 45 m
Difficulty step: simply – medium