Exclusive Couples Resort

Much of the Maldivian islands are uninhabited, making the Maldives the ideal escape for lovers of all ages. Best places to go in Maldives include a visit to one of its deserted islands that will allow couples to relax and enjoy a special day in complete privacy.

Transporting you and your partner on a dhoni, the boat will drop you off on a private island where the two of you can have a gourmet lunch under the cooling shade of a beach umbrella.

Adding yet another dimension of pleasure, enjoy the refreshments as the guides will leave you and your partner ashore in each other’s company. Amidst the pleasure of a blissful solitude, the island is simply yours for your every whim.

Evoking a sensation of being the only two people in the world, couples can simply lie on the powdery sand and gently sip away on exquisite champagne. A haven where you can possibly embark on whatever pleases you; stroll around amidst the untouched part of nature, where the softness of the sand has not seen a human footprint for many years. Be amazed by the undisturbed sounds of nature and watch the stars come alive in the night. Unfolding before your eyes, just lie on the deserted beach and gaze at the mesmerizing canvas of floating stars, glimmering in the night sky.

The ideal getaway for lovers seeking paradise, walking on a moonlit night with your significant other while the cool breeze of the ocean surrounds you would undoubtedly create unforgettable memories that would last a lifetime; memories that lure couples to come back time and time again to the best resort in Maldives for Couples to experience the wonder of virgin islands.