Maldives Things to do

Thinking of things to do in Maldives during your dream vacation? There are many scenic attractions to be seen in the Maldives which never fail to draw the attention of the visitor. In particular Male the nation’s capital boasts an array of picturesque sites which always provide a fascinating experience for the viewer.

As a predominantly Muslim country the Maldives naturally contains a multitude of mosques, with the most prominent being the Grand Friday Mosque. This mosque’s majestic proportions and inspired design lures a steady flow of visitors. Dating to the 17th century, the edifice was built by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar. No less than 5,000 people can be accommodated within the mosque.

The art enthusiast will be delighted by the varied artworks displayed in the Esjehi Art Gallery. A repository of priceless artistic masterpieces, the gallery is located within a splendid building which is an attraction in its own right.

A visit to Male’s National Museum should be on the itinerary of every visitor to the country. The museum features a mesmerizing assortment of artefacts with an emphasis on relics from the Sultanate period. Articles on display include palanquins, thrones, statues and other items of historical value. The museum is located at Sultan’s Park, a landscaped garden which displays different types of native flora and some animals.

To experience an authentic taste of the typical Maldivian lifestyle, a trip to the Maldives Fish Market is always an invigorating experience. A mesmerizing selection of sea creatures can be seen, as well as a multitude of fresh fruits and vegetables.