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Scuba Diving in Maldives

Scuba Diving in the hotel reef and neighbouring dive sites at Vadoo will open your eyes to the tiers of multi coloured corals, schools of small mesmerizing coral fish together with graceful stingrays that elegantly glide through the water and sleek sharks that prowl the seabed offering you an unforgettable scuba diving Maldives experience.

Scuba Diving in the Maldives is a once in a life time experience! Diving is becoming increasingly more popular, with more and more people trying everyday! - Begin with learning about how the equipment works, how we communicate underwater and the skills necessary to be comfortable underwater. - Up to 45 minutes underwater and up to 12m maximum depth, you and your partner/family will go diving with one instructor to explore our House Reef, in front of our Dive Centre. - No need to be an experienced swimmer, we have a full rope system along the House Reef allowing everyone to dive and have an amazing experience! - Our instructors provide a professional photo and video service so you can share with your friends, family and relive the moment again and again!
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Already a certified diver?
The Maldives is 1% land and 99% water, it is one of the best rated places on Earth to go diving, come and see it for yourself during your stay here in Vadoo! You have the opportunity to do this everyday, with a team of professional and friendly staff! - Dive on our House Reef and come explore our many dive sites, 15 to 40 minutes away by boat. - All dives sites are accessible for any level of certification. - We offer a wide range of dive packages: choose from 1 dive/day to unlimited diving for 6 days, or go for 3 dives/day with lunch on the boat… and many more. - We offer a professional photo and video service for you to bring memories of your diving home. - Night diving on our House Reef is a must if you want to see the underwater world from a new perspective! - If you haven’t been diving for more than 6 months, it is always a good idea to do a refresher dive to boost your confidence back up!
SSI Dive Centre
Our SSI Dive Centre is part of an international SSI Family dedicated to the highest standards of safety and education. Any course will be globally recognized: your certification will allow you dive everywhere in the world! Becoming a diver will take you to one of the greatest experience of your life! - Courses:  Scuba Diver: Next step after the Basic Diver, the course only takes around 2 days, and allows you to go diving up to 12m with a professional.  Open Water: This course will take around 3 days and allows you to go diving up to 18m. During this course, you will progressively learn the proper skills and techniques to become a safe and prepared diver through “comfort by repetition”.  Advanced Adventurer: This course, by choosing 5 SSI Adventure programs, will give you experience with a wide variety of Specialties. Each of the Adventure dives you complete counts as the first dive towards that Specialty program! - Specialties:  Deep dive: This course will provide you with the information to make deep dives comfortably and safely. It will open the doors to intriguing dive sites found in deeper water, such as visiting wrecks.  Enriched Air Nitrox: Provides many benefits for recreational divers: longer no-decompression limits, shorter surface intervals and longer repetitive dives. You will learn how to safely plan your dives on Enriched Air.  Boat diving, Photo and Video, Night and Limited Visibility, Perfect Buoyancy… and many more!!!
Want to live the Mermaid experience
Mermaids are mythical aquatic creatures, and many girls dreamed of being one! We offer you the chance to live the experience with us! It includes photos on the beach, and in shallow water.