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Maldives Attractions

The Maldives features many fascinating sightseeing attractions sure to delight any visitor. Male, the capital of the nation is home to a wide selection of noteworthy sites including engrossing museums and attractively designed mosques listed as key Maldives tourist attractions.

When regarding places of worship in the islands the Grand Friday Mosque holds pride of place as the most renowned mosque in this predominantly Islamic nation. Of imposing proportions and magnificent design, the mosque always draws a regular influx of sightseers. The Grand Friday Mosque which has room for 5,000 people dates to the 17th century, having been constructed by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar.

A must-visit for tourists is Male’s National Museum, which displays many valuable artefacts, particularly relics dating from the period of the Sultanate, including such items as thrones, palanquins, statues and other articles of historical and cultural interest. Sultan’s Park, the site of the museum is a landscaped garden exhibiting varied kinds of flora as well as some animal life.

For the art lover an essential experience would be the Esjehi Art Gallery. This impressive showcase of diverse artistic treasures is housed within a magnificent building; its collection will appeal even to the international art connoisseur.

For a genuine taste of the local lifestyle, the visitor should include a visit to the Maldives Fish Market, which presents a mind-boggling array of sea creatures in addition to fresh vegetables and fruits.