Sand Bank Lunch

Alive with countless possibilities for a perfect vacation, sandbank excursions in Maldives will be the idyllic escapade for those seeking adventures in Maldives to indulge in the wonderful climate of sun, sea and sand. Be engulfed by a gloriously liberating experience as the excursion to the sandbanks will be a mind blowing treat of a blissful vacation.

For the discerning travellers, its surrounding pristine lagoons of intensely blue-green waters will be a delightful experience as the sandbanks are blessed with a natural wonder. Never ceasing to amaze are the nature of the sandbanks as they often get submerged by the high tides but are bestowed the innate ability to magically resurface in low tides, creating a fresh new island every time. An uninterrupted phenomenon, the re- birth of an unspoiled sandbank has an air of mystery to it as it purifies the land, replacing even the smallest footprint on the haphazard patterns of the powdery sands.

For the travellers, bask under the sun in the spectacular backdrop of a secluded hideaway as you experience a typical Robinson Crusoe adventure with its melodious waves and sandy beaches. Savour a succulent lunch on the beach or simply indulge in a picnic on the shores under the heavenly shade of an elegant tent.

For those who prefer adventure, lunge into the ocean where it’s underwater beauty teams up with the exotic marine life of electrifying colours. Take in a kaleidoscopic vision of a myriad of blending hues as you embark on a snorkelling escapade. Whatever it is you do, the sandbanks are an excursion not to be missed.

  • Minimum 6 persons
  • Regular Price : USD 85 per person net