Morning Fishing Experiences in Maldives

For a fishing enthusiast, visiting the tropical waters of the Maldives offers an escape into a world of dreams. Abundant with a myriad of sport fish, the ocean that surrounds this chain of islands indubitably holds many prized catches for the avid fisherman while fishing in Maldives.

The thrill of fishing is best experienced in the wee hours of the morning. Travellers have the option to wake early in the morning and set off on a journey amidst the lush greenery and sandy beaches. Maldives fishing experiences includes being surrounded by tall palm trees and coral islands, promising tourists of all skill levels a great adventure and a host of memories that would last them a lifetime.

The morning hours in the seas of the Maldives attracts a variety of fish such as Jack, Little Tuna, Vahoo, Rainbow Runner, Dolphin Fish, and the intimidating Barracuda, among others. Setting sail towards the rising sun with the familiar hum of the dhoni, the traditional craft of the Maldivian seafarer, offers travellers a spectacular view of the horizon, slowly changing into the beautiful colours of the golden daylight.

Cruising on the façade of shimmering waters, travellers need to simply drop a line and wait patiently for the bait to be taken. The bountiful resources of the Indian Ocean will give fishermen a memorable fishing excursion to try your luck and catch a fish.

Travellers will also have the option to indulge in a breakfast box with tea, coffee and water, making your fishing trip a comfortable and enjoyable one.

  • Regular Price : USD 100 per person net