Housereef Hudhuranfushi

Housereef Hudhuranfushi and a few Dive spots around

Hudhuran house reef is a good spot for beginner courses, try scuba diving and experienced divers, the channel is sloping down for a max. depth of 35 meters.
Many soft- and hard coral formation. Frequently seen leef fishes, quite a lot of turtles home reef, white tip-, and Eagle rays are seen here quite often as well may see sweetlips and big Banner fishes are enjoying this channel.
Beautiful for the night dive as well.
Please check daily with the Dive Center for the tides as it is a channel housereef.

Current: low – strong
Depth: 3– 35 m
Difficulty: simple, medium – hard

HP Reef

One of the top dive spots in the Maldives.
It’s a small thila which sits on the middle of the Himahfushi Channel a bit behind the east outside reef developing from East to West for a length of 100 meters , the top is 10 meters making it a typical dive spot for advanced divers, occasionally when the current is small can be dive by open water diver as well.
Everything can be seen here, barracuda huge napoleons , hawksbill turtles. The main attraction are the beautiful overhangs and the small canyons fully covered with baby blue soft corals and round up in front huge schools of blue yellow striped snappers.
Current: low – strong
Depth: 10– 40 m
Difficulty: medium – hard

Aquarium is the north corner of our Channel house reef.
It is beautiful covered by hard and soft corals. Starting from 5 up to 20m and again slopping from 20 to 35 like a terasse.
Typical schools of sweetlips different kind of snappers, white tip reef sharks eagle rays, big napoleons turtles are seen nearly every day out there
The best condition are with incoming current from east to west as the visibility can reach 40+ meters.
The normal dive profile is a descent one at the north corner like soft drift with the current.

Current: low – strong
Depth: 5 – 40 m
Difficulty: simple, medium – hard

Kani Corner

Opposite of Aquarium is the south side of the Lohifushi Channel close to Kanifinolhu Club Med called Kani Corner.

It is another very intersting Channel corner slooping slightly from 5 to 25m and again down to 40m max depth. here you can find all typical marine life what you wish in the Maldives at a channel dive . Out of white tip reefsharks, turtles, eagle rays, stingrays, very often Mobulas and during the Manta season from December to April as well very often on topreef you can meet this elegant giant creatures.

Current: low – strong
Depth: 5 – 40 m
Difficulty: simple, medium – hard


Is a huge corner on the Thulusdhoo channel it is situated on the south side. The corner is actually developed at 6 meter sloping down to 12 meters and then dropping vertically to the drop off situated at 40 meters
The formation of this corner is like a Roman Colloseum. On good days while diving in 10 meters is common to see the bottom of the outside reef at 45 meters. the main encounter are Mobulas white tip reef shark eagle rays and an incredible quantity of parrot fishes. The main dive is done with incoming and moderate current.
Experience for every diver.

Current: low – strong
Depth: 6– 45 m
Difficulty: simple, medium – hard
Manta Point

Right in front of Lankan Finolhu (Paradise island resort) east outside reef, called Lankan outside Faru, between 10/20 meters there area huge blocks of coral where during the Manta season (from December to April) you can see mantas while been cleaned at these cleaning stations. It is a perfect dive site for beginners and experienced divers . Current are normally very week make it affordable also for beginners.

Current: low – strong
Depth: 5 – 35 m
Difficulty: simple, medium.