Hiyala Bar

Enjoy an invigorating cocktail by the pool at Hiyala Bar where the fresh breeze keeps the mood on a high note. Enjoy the healing touch of the tropical sun of the while you relax and soak in the pleasant atmosphere. Taste the enticing flavours of our rich beverage list and fall in love with the captivating surroundings of the island.

Gather around with your new found friends for a drink by the beach in one of the best resort bars, Maldives has to offer to share some memories and a laugh while relaxing in the Hotel Bars in Maldives. Have a spicy snack while you sip on a glass of red wine or a tongue tingling cocktail. Let the gentle breeze heighten your senses and elevate you to cap off a memorable evening.

Total Covers 80
Opening Timings 9.00am to 12mid Night
Food and Beverage AI snack Counter


Evening -4.00pm-5.00pm